We are developers of the unique ERP/PSA (Professional Service Automation) solution named AELITA Law Firms’ EcoSystem. It consists of several modules which can be used all together or separately by lawyers (Law Firms) and other Professional Services and Project-Oriented Firms/Organizations to run their operations transparently, safely and efficiently for their Customers and providing their management with smart reports about all business operations.

We came out of the Legal Services industry. We have our unique techniques in teaching, developing and supporting our Clients (lawyers) to become successful entrepreneurs and businesses. We have a clear vision of the future of intelligent technologies and customers’ demands. That’s why we understand: what to do/produce/develop today (new product and solutions) to provide our customers with modern tool tomorrow. That’s because we specialize in the industry many years and do it 365 days a year. We are a “one stop shop” for our customers, where they can get professional advice and technologies (tools) for operating and developing their start-ups and business successfully.

We give our customers (Law Firms, lawyers and other professional consultants) — the best practices and easy tools (technologies) for their business operations, like:

— Time & Expense tracking;
— Billing & Invoicing;
— Management and financial accounting & reporting;
— Performance Management & KPI;
— The estimation of marketing, project and employee ROI;
— Document Management Systems (DMS);
— Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
— Litigation Case Management (LCM);
— Knowledge Management;
— HR processes automation;
— Partnership Accounting and formulas;
— Data Security

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