Contact us for the best spark plug for your vehicle. Brisk just cant handle the conditions in our motors at this time. The advantage of this special spark plug range is spark-over from the shell around the full circumference (360°). * custom production The shell shoulder protects the active parts of the spark plug from sudden pressure and temperature changes. Some types allow alternative discharge from the combustion deposits on the insulator tip. The Premium LGS range spark plugs require powerful ignition systems, perfect blending of mixture and utilisation of the engines in the high-rpm zone. Highly resistant spark plugs mainly used for racing purposes. Two or three ground electrodes, or special design spark gap and electrodes (DOX15LE-1), which makes it possible to extend the replacement interval up to 60,000 km. You can compare up to three products. SPARK PLUGS WITH SPECIAL DESIGN SPARK GAP. The special spark gap protrudes deep into combustion chamber, thanks to which the mixture is perfectly ignited in the combustion chamber. Spark plugs with long flash-over with a possibility of spark-over around the full circumference (360°). Spark plugs with centre electrode made from a special nickel alloy, which perfectly cover the requirements of engines without catalysts. The spark plug design eliminates problems caused by the different characteristics of LPG and CNG fuel from the original installation when running on petrol. Brisk offers the latest technology in spark plug design and Read more View All Current Rebates and Promotions. £16.12 postage. Unlike standard spark plugs with the same thermal properties, the silver centre electrode makes it possible (thanks to its higher thermal conductivity) to use a larger surface area of the insulator tip and hence ensure longer protection against contamination with conductive deposits. The fact they crack if torqued anything past 14lbs or 12lbs with anti seize according to Brisk is scarey to me. Please add me to your list of favorite sellers … Application of the latest Brisk “patented” technology and knowledge of engine managements transformed into Premium EVO spark plug series. Upon fitting them I straight away noticed a small but worthwhile difference, especially at very low revs in low gears, nice. The design makes them suitable for high performance engines. These plugs offer the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals, Silver, which provides an unmatched transfer of electricity and heat, resulting in the most powerful spark. Information. Brisk Spark Plugs AU Email: | Tel. New NTK Technical Sensors. So far i have to say the HKS plug quality is far better and very apparent. Replacement interval: max. The open spark gap does not hinder propagation of the flame and ensures perfect ignition of the mixture. Brisk. The platinum on the centre electrode ensures stability of electrode distance over a very long time. The patented technology application of auxiliary electrode coating to the tip of the insulator ensures the unique properties of the spark plugs. Free Shipping Brisk Spark Plug. This also suppresses the quenching effect during cold starts. Browse for a wide assortment of Spark Plugs, from popular brands like NGK, Accel, and much more, all at everyday great prices! The A-LINE product range also includes types with platinum centre electrode from the PLATIN product range. Spark plugs are the heart of any ignition system, and if you want to run $1 Autolites in your S, fine with me, it's your bike. The design and materials used fulfil all the current requirements of modern engines. EXPLANATIONS TO THE TABLE: The insulator tip ensures perfect function at low load. K sealing cone, WIDE RANGE SPARK PLUGS WITH EXTENDED REPLACEMENT INTERVAL. The plug design meets the most extreme requirements for two-cycle kart engines, and the plugs are also suitable for two-cycle motocross engines (the plugs are used by LR Cosmetic team).

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